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We collect your personal information in order to handle your order as quickly and as easily as possible. That information will also allow us to offer you personalized services that will take into account your taste and preferences.  The information can be passed through to organizations, contractually linked to, unless you do not agree. respects the Belgian law of December 8, 1992, related to the protection of privacy when handling personal data. That law states that the agreement of the person must be obtained before being allowed to collect personal data about that person; that the personal data must be appropriate and correct; and that it must be collected in order to pursue specific, explicit and legitimate means. The person from whom the personal data is collected is entitled to have access to, and modify, the data in question. As a customer, you are able to do this by having access to your personal account (via My account in the upper right hand side)

How do we use this info? When ordering, we ask you to give us the minimal necessary info to process your order: your email address, your full name, your address and way of payment.

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