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General conditions


Triathlonshop wants to maintain an excellent relation with its customers. We appreciate your trust and take your rights seriously. It is important that you be informed of what you can expect from us and otherwise. The Terms and Conditions hereunder will allow you to know exactly what your legal situation is each time you visit us and place an order with us. When surfing on our sites Triathlonshop.be, Triatlonshop.be or Triatlonshop.com, you accept to be legally bound by, and to respect, the Terms and Conditions hereunder.



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Articles available on Triathlonshop

All articles available on the Triathlonshop sites are described in good faith and as accurately as possible. The offers and prices are valid for the day of the site consultation, or for the period mentioned in our catalogues. All prices are inclusive of all taxes (VAT) but exclusive of delivery costs. Triathlonshop cannot be held liable for errors contained in these offers.


The products that are presented on our site or in our catalogues are on sale within the limits of our stocks' availability. Triathlonshop is doing its best to make sure that the ordered articles are available. It may however occur that an article has run out. You will then be informed within the shortest period and you will be able to cancel your order if you want.


Triathlonshop cannot be held liable for any damages stemming from the non-availability of an article.


Contract with Triathlonshop

A valid contract is closed between yourself and Triathlonshop when Triathlonshop receives the confirmation of your order on its website.


Triathlonshop. may however decide to subordinate the validity of the contract to other conditions such as, for example, a high quantity order, anticipated payment conditions, order placed by minors, incomplete or incorrect orders or the non-payment of previous orders.


According to the Belgian law related to commercial practices, the seller supports the burden of the risks of damage or of loss of the products. The customer however is responsible for verification of the goods received. Reimbursement or replacement of damaged goods is only possible if the goods are sent back immediately after receipt. When accepting the goods, the customer agrees to accept the goods. Reimbursement or replacement will then not be possible.


Returning your goods in case of wrong size

In case the ordered product (clothing) is not the correct size, you can send it back to Triathlonshop. Please take in mind following conditions:


  •     Send a mail to Triathlonshop immediately after receipt of the goods;
  •     The unused, not damaged goods need to be send back in the original wrapping to Triathlonshop within 3 days (date stamp) after receipt. Costs are for the customer. Please indicate your correct size;
  •     The order cannot be cancelled;
  •     Return costs are borne by the buyer;
  •     We will send you your new size. These costs will be for the account of Triathlonshop.


Triathlonshop can refuse the sent back goods if not met to above mentioned conditions.


In case of purchase of a frameset, the customer is advised to take advantage of the free measure session. If the customer decides not to take advantage of this offer and later on wishes to return the frameset for another size, Triathlonshop can hold the right to refuse this.


Your right to return the ordered product within 14 days following delivery

The Belgian law related to commercial practices dated July 14, 1991, authorizes the consumer to notify the seller that (s)he renounces his/her purchase within 14 open days following delivery or the conclusion of the contract. If this is the case, the goods have to be returned within 5 days after receipt of this notification. The goods have to be returned to Triathlonshop in the original, unopened wrapping and may not have been used or damaged. Triatlonshop can refuse the returned goods if they have been opened or damaged. The costs for returning the goods are to be born by the customer. Please make sure to use a certified transport company, Triathlonshop cannot be held liable for the loss or damage of the goods when returning. Your order, with exception of the transportation costs will be reimbursed within 15 days after receipt of the goods.


If the article you have received does not correspond to the article that you have ordered or if you received a damaged product, please return it withing 14 days using standard mail. We will reimburse your order and your shipping costs as soon as we received the product back. Return shipping costs will only be reimbursed if you use standard mail.


Delivery of your goods

Click here for more information on delivery costs. The article will be delivered to the address that you will have mentioned in your order.

The estimated delivery time is mentioned on the detail page of the product. Triathlonshop is making efforts to ensure that you will receive the article within the timeframe on the site. Be advised however that these delivery times are for your information only and that Triathlonshop cannot be held liable for possible delays.



Click here for more information on payment ways.


Discount coupon code

If you have received a discount coupon code from Triathlonshop you can deduct the coupon amount from an order placed on our website. Please click here for more details.


The discount coupon code is personal, temporary and can only be used once. It cannot be transferred/given to other people. The amount of the reductions is always smaller then the total order amount. Triathlonshop will not reimburse in this case.



Companies ordering goods at Triathlonshop, can receive an invoice on request. Please send your request to info@triathlonshop.be.


Intellectual Property

All elements of the Triathlonshop website are protected by trademarks and rights and are fully owned by Triathlonshop. All persons or companies who want to establish a link between their website and the Triathlonshop websites, should request permission in advance.

Every link must be removed by single request from Triathlonshop.



On all bought products, the manufacturers warranty is applicable. The conditions of this warranty are to be found in the documentation added to each product. This warranty is not applicable on batteries and damage caused by wrong usage of the product or external damage.

Triathlonshop cannot be held liable for the non-execution of the warranty by the manufacturer (e.g. bankruptcy of the manufacturer) Triathlonshop is not responisible for the loss or any damage the customer should have/encounter by using the goods.


Limitation of Liability

Triathlonshop does not warrant that Triathlonshop.be, Triatlonshop.be or Triatlonshop.com will not suffer any interruptions or will be free of errors. Triathlonshop does not warrant the results stemming from the use of Triathlonshop.be, Triatlonshop.be or Triatlonshop.com nor the accuracy or reliability of the information presented on Triathlonshop.be, Triatlonshop.be or Triatlonshop.com


The site is presented by Triathlonshop "as is". Triathlonshop does not provide any warranty, express or implied, related to the functioning of the site or related to the information, content, articles or products that are presented. Special offers are valid as long as stocks last and Triathlonshop reserves the right to change information, prices, specifications and descriptions of listed goods, products and services.


To the extent allowed by the applicable law, Triathlonshop does not provide any warranty whatsoever, express or implied, including but not limited to, warranties related to the implicit commercial use and adaptability for a specific use. Triathlonshop cannot be held liable for any prejudice stemming from the use of its Internet site, including but not limited to, direct and indirect damages.



Complaints can be sent by email (info@triathlonshop.be) or standard courier (see about Triathlonshop) and will be treated within 7 days after receipt.


Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

Belgian law only applies.

Courts of the Turnhout judiciary territory only have jurisdiction.


Language of the contract

Triathlonshop is available in English, Dutch and French. You can make your choice by clicking on a language on the homepage. The language you have chosen is also the language that will be used for the transactions and communication between you and Triathlonshop.